Rubber and PTFE Products

Industrial Rubber Products Manufacturer

We are involved in manufacturing of a comprehensive assortment of industrial rubber components. These industrial rubber components find wide application in several engineering and other heavy industries and are known for their features of resilience and high tensile strength. We undertake the customization of these industrial rubber components in accordance to their application or the demands of our clients.

• Diaphragms • Butterfly Valve Sleeves
• Bellows • Rubber/ Silicone Cords
• Anti vibration pads • Styrene Butadiene Rubber products
• Rubber/ Silicone Gaskets • Rubber Spider Coupling
• Heat Exchanger Gaskets • Chevron Packing
• Rubber/ Silicone/PTFE O rings • Rubber Grommets
• PTFE Parts • Silicone Tubing


Neoprene: An excellent general purpose diaphragm for use in nonaggressive applications such as water-based slurries, well water or sea water. Exhibits excellent flex life and low cost.

Buna-N: Excellent for applications involving petroleum/oil-based fluids such as leaded gasoline, fuel oils, hydraulic oils, kerosene, turpentines and motor oils.

EPDM: Excellent for use in applications requiring extremely cold temperatures. It may also be used as a low-cost alternative for pumping dilute acids or caustics.

Viton®: Excellent for use in applications requiring extremely hot temperatures. Viton® may also be used in aggressive fluids such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons and highly aggressive acids. PTFE would normally be used with these aggressive fluids as its flex life is better than Viton®; however, in applications involving SUCTION LIFT (meter) outside the range of PTFE, Viton® will be the preferred choice for highly aggressive fluids.

PTFE: Excellent choice when pumping highly aggressive fluids such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, ketones, and acetates.

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