Do's and Don'ts of AODD Pump

Must Know Information On AODD Pumps

AODD pumps are usually are regarded as trustworthy in crucial applications owing to the simple layout and ease of maintenance comparatively.

Hence, Antlia AODD pumps are dependable, easy to operate and portable hence, broadly preferred in various sectors and industries.

This will assist our clients to keep their AODD pump running hassle free and also guarantee fast & convenient solutions at times of need.

DO's of Pumps:

  • Monitor the air pressure to range between 4-6 bar and install a pressure regulator to ensure the air supply does not exceed the recommended limits i.e. 7 bar.
  • Inspecting suction & discharge piping to ensure leak proof & tight connections, all valves are accessible and ducting flooded suction, end of the pipe is under liquid level (Inlet and outlet hose sizes must match the pump’s end connections).
  • Setup the air operated double diaphragm pump as close to the source tank as much possible.
  • Keep needed space around the pumping unit for maintenance & repair purposes.
  • Make a note of model and material of construction of the diaphragm pump for future reference.
  • Do examine air valve when pump is stalling.
  • Do read and have double diaphragm pump installation & operational manual provided with the pump.
  • Do set up a pulsation dampener in the discharge line to decrease the pulsation, maintain the suction line length and number of fitting to minimal
  • The AODD pump is required to be flushed or a cleaning agent has to be circulated after every use to prevent solidification of the liquid.
  • For hazardous, corrosive or abrasive applications kindly flush the pump thoroughly before performing any maintenance activity.

DON'Ts of pumps:

  • Do not operate the pump at higher air pressure than recommended i.e 7 bar for all the AODD pump models.
  • Double Diaphragm Pump materials have temperature limitations. Do not operate the pump at temperatures above or below the provided limits.
  • Do not stick fingers in the vents of the pump when in running condition may lead to serious injuries.
  • Do not increase or decrease the suction line then provided limits, may result in low flow or no suction at all.
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