Versatility and Compatibility of AODD Pumps

There are four key areas where Air operated diaphragm pumps often outperform other technologies in terms of efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation. Chemical plants that seek to optimize their operations should consider the advantages that AODD pumps can provide in different areas.

The importance of air:

  1. As its name suggests, the operation of AODD pumps is based on compressed air, which can be found in most chemical processing plants around the world.
  2. Taking advantage of this air can make the AODD pump a plug-and-play device that does not require infrastructure updates.
  3. In addition, the use of air to power the pump is the key source of one of its most coveted capabilities: the ability to stop the advance without damaging the pump, system or fluid. This makes AODD pumps easy and flexible to operate.
  4. Combined with ease of operation, AODDs are a type of "set-and-forget" pump, as long as the appropriate diaphragms are selected for the application. The choice of the diaphragms, material of construction, flow and head required play an important role.
  5. One of the most important operations is the transfer of liquids along the production chain. Due to the importance of numerous fluid transfer operations throughout the entire chemical manufacturing chain, facility operators need to identify the best pumping technology for the job.
  6. Technology must possess the versatility necessary to operate reliably and efficiently at any number of points in the production hierarchy that are what are diaphragm pumps used for.

AODD pumps can offer a series of operational advantages:

  1. They are suitable for use with high viscosity fluids and can handle fluids ranging from liquids similar to water to liquids of medium and very high viscosity.
  2. They can run dry and strip the discharge lines without damage. If the pressures become too high, the pump will stall, without causing any damage to the pump or the environment.
  3. Their operating costs may be lower when all maintenance, accessories and controllers are included, and in many cases their total cost of ownership is lower over their entire service life compared to competitive pump styles.
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